I started in this industry as a software developer and have climbed the ladder becoming quite the jack of all trades. I have acted as a developer, engineer, architect, DB Admin, Systems Admin, Network Admin, IT Manager, Project Manager, Scrum Master, CTO, as well as sales, customer service, support and many other things too. I am well rounded, a good communicator, and a likeable guy. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and am continuously seeking new opportunities in business and life.

My most recent experience has been working to round out our data science team as well as getting back to my data mining and coding roots. I am a huge proponent of data analytics and using data to solve problems. I believe strongly in using the best solution for the problem, even if the best solution is something I have no experience using. I have excellent problem solving skills and can analyze a situation and take action towards a solution without wavering quicker than most. I am definitely someone who checks his ego at the door and I don’t need praise and publicity. I am someone who takes pride in a job well done and sleeps well at night knowing I did the best I could possibly do.

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