´╗┐Hello World!

Hello World!

I come from a background in IT, so “Hello World!” programs are quite common as the opening act to a career in scripting and software.  I have written those programs in many languages and at many times during my 30+ years of tinkering with computers and 15+ year IT career serving as everything from a Software Developer/Engineer/Architect to Database/Systems/Network Administrator to Data Analyst/Scientist to Chief Technology Officer and currently Chief Innovation Officer.

This is not my first attempt at a blog.  My first and second attempts at blogging were sporadic at best.  The truth is that I typically opted for career development and social life over sharing.  I never had clear focus on what to blog about.  I have so many interests, I felt I wanted to share on all of them.  This was no way to find consistency.

Here, I hope my third time is truly a charm, and I am able to build content that you find appealing as a reader.  If you’ll have me, I want to help you and share with you.  I can use my interests as compliments to the story, rather than the entire story.  I have found over the years that I enjoy teaching and mentoring more than anything.  This is where I truly find reward, and I hope you’ll join me on this journey where I lay it out there to help you be the best you truly can be and maybe I’ll become the best I can truly be in the process as well.

Until next time, copy and paste the code below into notepad.  Save with a .html extension instead of .txt and open the file in your browser of choice.

alert("Hello World!");